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Postpartum doula services

Sometimes all it takes is a nap, some nourishing food, and a shower to make you feel like a new person!     I absolutely love supporting and pampering new parents in their home in her early days of transitioning to parenthood or integrating a new life into the family.   

When I leave your home, my goal is to leave behind

  • a peaceful home

  • a well rested and well fed family who had the chance to attend to their own needs and feels confident in caring for their baby’s needs

  • a baby that is feeding well and beginning to learn how to sleep outside the womb

  • a partner that is also able to enjoy the transition and feels confident in caring for baby.

Postpartum services can include extensive lactation and feeding support and education, babywearing support, newborn care and education, and just general tidying up and doing what needs to be done to keep the home running smoothly.  Families consistently say that the support of an experienced and calm postpartum doula can make the difference between an overwhelming experience and an enjoyable one.  

Packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your family.  Popular time periods include early mornings to let you catch up on sleep while I take care of the baby and household needs, midday self-care breaks to catch the elusive shower or let me pamper you with an aromatherapy nap following a healthy lunch, or support during the dinnertime “witching hour” so you can decompress from your day while I help baby through the fussy hours.  Overnights are also available to help you get a good night's sleep and help your newborn learn healthy sleep habits.  

Feeding the New Family

Some of my favorite recipes to make during my postpartum time include both comfort foods and healthy nourishing meals.  Whatever you don't eat will be stored in individual portions for heating up in a hurry.

- Skillet turkey chili pasta (can be gluten free)

- Spaghetti with slow cooked bolognese sauce

- Chicken feta arugula salad

- Cuban black beans, rice and avocado

- Gourmet Mac and Cheese

- Grain salads, bean salads, green salads

- Homemade bone broth based soups

- Brioche french toast, loaded egg sandwiches (pretty much my favorite postpartum meal!) 

I am happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions.  



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