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Birth, Postpartum, and Lactation Support for NYC Families -- Doula Certification Trainings

Nurturing Families in New York City through Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Supports

Packages and Rates

All packages can be customized for your family's needs.  

Postpartum Packages make an amazing present for a new family!

Postpartum and Lactation Packages-- (for families that did not purchase a birth package)

                       1.  $800 for 16 hours, $50/hr additional

This package is ideal for helping a family through the hospital to home transition, or for a few days of support when a partner first returns to work.  This package can also be used during the transition when a parent is returning to work and needs extra lactation/pumping and hands-on support.

                       2.  $1,500 for 32 hours, $50/hr additional

This package will allow a family more time to integrate their new baby into their lives and provide ongoing support for the family's postpartum needs or ongoing lactation support.  This could allow for some early morning support, mid-day naps and self-care, or evening time to decompress, even an overnight shift.  

                        3.  $3,000 for 64 hours, $50/hr additional

 This package allows you to customize your support for a more seamless postpartum transition.  This package is ideal for the family who wants consistent support for a certain time of day or longer days/overnights, or for a family with more demanding work schedules in the early days,  With this package we are able to get into a routine together so that you feel less stressed and more relaxed and you are able to enjoy these precious newborn days.  

   Hours must be used in a minimum of 4 hour increments.  Overnights are a 10 hour minimum, can be 8 hours in certain circumstances.  

Birth package-- $2,500

 Includes 2 prenatal appointments, labor support, and one postpartum visit

                        additional postpartum hours can be purchased at $50/hr, no minimum hours

Birth and Postpartum Package-- $3,200

Includes everything in the birth and 1st PP package

Lactation Support-- $150 for 2 hour in person lactation counseling and unlimited text/phone follow-up.  $75 for 1 hour in person follow-up.  

Lactation Prenatal Education and Support: $475 for private 2 hour prenatal breastfeeding education class, and two separate  2 hour postpartum follow- up breastfeeding counseling sessions and unlimited text/phone follow-up support.  (Could use one immediately postpartum and one when pumping/returning to work.)

Private Childbirth Education Class-- $350 for 4 hour private childbirth education class in your home.  Includes course materials covering stages of labor, anatomy of pregnancy and birth, natural birth and medical options, cesarean births, and coping techniques.  




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