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Birth Doula Services

Why hire a birth doula?  

As a seasoned birth doula I am so many different things to a new family.  I am a concierge, helping you navigate your options within the contemporary NYC birth world.  I am a wealth of information and help you sort through that information to tailor your birth experience to your specific wants and needs.  I am a calm and steady nonjudgemental presence in your pregnancy and birth.  I am a mentor to your partner to model and practice ways of supporting a laboring and postpartum parent. 

Above all I am here to help you discover your birth preferences and support you in ways that make YOU feel safe and empowered.   I am delighted to attend homebirths, birth center births, hospital births, planned cesareans, and high-risk births.  I support parents through natural childbirth methods such as breathing, aromatherapy, Reiki, massage and counterpressure, visualizing, movement, and any particular method you may have studied, such as  hypnosis.  I support parents choosing medical pain relief, helping you decide when and how to utilize that method to minimize further interventions. I specialize in supporting parents through planned and unplanned cesarean sections and can provide education and guidance about compassionate cesarean options.   I support people everywhere in between-- only you know what is right for your birth.  

Birth Doula services include 2 prenatal meetings where we learn about and practice the techniques and preferences you are interested in and discuss lactation and other postpartum needs.  I attend your labor at your chosen location and remain there to help you begin nursing and recovering, and come to your birth place or home for one postpartum visit.  I am available for phone calls, texts, and emails with questions you have about pregnancy and the postpartum period.  

After our included postpartum visit, many families then opt to purchase a postpartum packages to continue my support in your early weeks.  



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